Rabu, 12 November 2014

Master of Emergency Response and Planning ( Universiti Putra Malaysia )

This programme is designed for emergency response and planning in various fields. 

The core courses of the programme stress the principles and concepts, taking into account the development in technological field in facing emergency situations. Graduates from the programme will be able to form a network of Master of Science in the field of Emergency Response and Planning (ERP), equipped with engineering knowledge and concepts and an effective management systems to be further viable in the evaluation and preparation of strategies at every level of emergency response and planning.

Programme Coordinator

Prof. Ir. Desa Bin Ahmad

B.Sc. ( Hons ) Newcastle - Upon Tyne ),
M.Sc. Ph.D ( Cranfield ), F.I.E.M.,
P. Eng., P.C.M

Tel: 603-89466426

Fax: 603-8656425

Email: desa@upm.edu.my